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  • Gloria Mathias

Gift Your Parents A Memorable Holiday

Are you even normal if your parents haven't mentioned to you about their long-envisioned pilgrimage to Mecca or to the Chaar Dham yatras? It isn't even a mention anymore until a potential jibed demand comes at you out of the blue where you are expected to make this happen by any means necessary since only that will determine your “Adarsh baccha” status in your parents’ eyes.

However, don't we all love being nurtured and cared for, don't we crave the endearing warmth as we age, and isn't it all necessary when it is for our parents. Parents, with whom we spend the most time, we might even have multiple conflicts with them or not obeyed their requests and commands but on a day when you feel extremely low, "them at the most making an appearance in your room with a peep, asking "Aaj khane mai kya banau" there is some sense of hope and belonging there. This sense of security emboldened feeling of love and care is provided by no other relationship.

Such relationships are to be preserved, nourished, and catered to. The act of "tael malish" or "sewing broken buttons on your favourite shirt", "folding and ironing your clothes after laundry", "buying you things after eavesdropping on your conversation with friends", without even giving a thought etc., is all the ways parents show their unconditional love and affection for you. Keeping in mind these, such acts need to be rewarded and acknowledged. We cannot even equate the number of sacrifices they have made for us but a small getaway trip or a day out would be so affirming and relaxing and the best we could do to -off them from all the daily chores and responsibilities.

Now in the aftermath of guilt of not giving this a thought earlier and feeling all fuzzy about where to book your parents for a week-long destination trip, we bring to you some suggestions listed below, by The Travel Blueprint Team. But before that Alexa….play "janmo ke saathi, hum saath saath hain"

First up, we have on the platter book them some quest trip! But disclaimer, since this is for your parents and if only they enjoy or are adventure enthusiasts. Because "Ghutno ka dard" is real bro and instead of the trip treats you'd be showered with mocking taunts, the quite unpleasant ones :) You could book them a trip to the Rann Utsav of Bhuj or Pawna Lakeside Camping would simply top the list of ventures or to the Kaas Plateau is a definite yes too!!

If your dining table discussions consist of History, Heritage, Empires, Monuments, Wars, and inferences from the various invading cultures, you sure know what would crack the deal for your parents. In particular, India is a storehouse of historical occurrences and it would only be justified if you would look beyond the Taj Mahal and explore the richness of hegemonic infrastructures. Some of our suggestions would be the Offbeat Rajasthan which comprises a list of regal gems that are now accommodating tourists or the Mandu & Maheshwar located in the centremost state of Madhya Pradesh in India would be a good pick too!!

However, nothing can beat the richness and novelty of the folk culture that resides in the northwestern states of Rajasthan and Gujarat with the Bhuj, The Ranthambore national park, and The Pink City - Jaipur. Delhi too could be a fitting alternative with its long-dated history of the Mughal invasions and a series of striking Turkish and Persian architecture and domed structures with exotic marble featuring the locations on the tourist’s bucket lists.

Furthermore, If a conch shell is your ultimate morning wake sound too, then you sure know what entices your elders and it's high time you become a catalyst that unites them with God !! Yes we are talking about the shrines and the pilgrims and inexplicably, India is associated with innumerable deities and there is no scarcity of choices here. But some of our recommendations would be Ajmer in the Northern state of Rajasthan, Trimbakeshwar in the Western State of Maharashtra, and Murudeshwar in the southern state of Karnataka, in India. These spaces are not only religiously devoured but are structurally enriched with sculptures and Indian style of architecture, hence they are an absolute go-to!!

And if at all, you find it extremely strenuous to come up with a holiday package just do one thing, that ask your parents where would they like to go about and what would they be interested in and without a doubt, with a 90% assurance, they’d say “hume iss zindagi aur bacchon se chutkara chahiye", there at that moment don't be offended of the attacks rather book them a suite in the wilderness or a luxury camp that promotes wellness and relaxation. Let them be explorers of a space of rejuvenation and refreshing getaway. Several check-in points could be Hotel Deltin in Daman, Hotel Radisson Blu in Karjat or Forest Escape Resort in Koynanagar.

In conclusion, thinking with an ulterior motive, if you want to gain some kind of leverage over your siblings and also an 'additional hissa' in the inheritance of the property, get some work done :p. Ok jokes apart, give your cuttu parents a holiday trip, because….., is that even a thing to think, because they totally deserve it and because you love them!!

Ask them to click cute, cringe, distorted half-face selfies and listen to them narrate the entire experience as your heart swoons with fulfilment ;) wasn't that the whole purpose then.

Give them regards on our behalf too.

If you found the write up useful, would love to hear your feedback in the comment section. Do share, like and follow for more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Telegram


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