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Let's do something epic together 

I, Ajaz Shaikh a part-time traveller For the last one year have been doing travel blogging.
The Travel Blueprint is the place where I share entertaining stories, helpful travel tips and amazing travel photos. I travel slow and seek offbeat places around Mumbai with a hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and experience the world with a perfect travel itinerary for over weekend trip. Please write to us at

Why partner with The Travel Blueprint?

  • Because I am a traveller first, everything else later.
  • I am not afraid to venture in the remote and unseen places around Mumbai. 
  • I am open to run into and experience new cultures and lifestyles.

How can we work together?

  • Location Promotion: Because I don't travel like regular tourists, I can bring out unique and entertaining travel stories from your destination that will inspire others to visit your places.
  • Brand Campaigns: Get a plan, design and execute a campaign for your brand online. 
  • Review & Promotion: You can also get our service to get your product reviewed to reach a better and target audience? Reviews would be from our reader point on view and unbiased opinion.
  • Media Content: I do have professional quality photos and videos from hard to reach places that are captured at the perfect timing.
  • Brand Association: I am open for long term association if your brand matches my travel philosophy. I am open for both type of association i.e. cash or kind. 
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