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Lake Camping & Paragliding

Looking to relax and simply unwind from the crazy Mumbai Lifestyle - The Lake Side Camp at Pawna Lake and Kamshet Paragliding is the destination

Day One: Reach Pune

Pawna Lake & Dam is around 55 km from Pune. Pune is very well connected by Road, Railway & Flight with all the major cities. The cheapest and most convenient way to reach Pune is via railway. The frequency of buses to Pune is quite high, and you can get a bus every 30 minutes from Mumbai. Pune is also connected by air from Mumbai. Pawna Lake is around 120 km away from Mumbai. It will take around 3-4 hours.

From Mumbai, I took 11007, Deccan Express on Saturday which leaves from

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) at 07:00 AM which will reach Pune around 11:00 AM the same day.

How To Reach Pawna Lake From Pune

Hired a bike for INR 399.00 per day to drive all the way to Pawna Lake which is 55 km via Mumbai - Pandharpur Road / Old Mumbai - Pune Highway. It's a 2 hrs drive to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way. There are a lot of sightseeing places which will come on your way to the lake. Wait! Don't just pass through, stop and click lots of pictures. For lunch stop at Samrat Maval Grand to enjoy some amazing Maharashtrian Style Food, which is 30 minutes away from Pawna Lake you can relax here before moving ahead.

The Lake Side Camping

The Pawna Lake Camping offers its travellers stunning views, lush fields and orchards with lime-green pastures, gorgeous skies and stunning landscapes. The backwaters of this lake come to life during the monsoons making this quaint little place twice as enchanting. Pawna is also a very well-known destination when it comes to paragliding, kiting, camping and ridge dancing. The majestic charm of this laid-back destination is not just picturesque, but also, a good choice to fill your adventurous soul.

Due to the recent popularity that Pawna Lake has gained, it has become a famous camping site. A camper's paradise is what is it surrounded by lush green surroundings, high towering hills and a huge lake which is a pleasant sight to the eyes and imposes a beautiful canvas painting.

You get to sleep in tents, there is the BBQ night, stargazing and you get to meet many new people and make amazing friends and memories. There are proper toilets and showers located at the site making the campsite extra comfortable. At night you can sit around fire-pit and enjoy the star-studded sky! Wake up early morning and jump into the lake for a quick dip. It's just something about being able to lose all inhibitions and relaxing in the water that simply seems flawless. The way water runs in and out of your ears and mind when you swim while relaxing the body. Simply faultless.

Other than camping there are facilities for row and motor boating, Water Sports, Zip Line and other such adventurous activities adding to the reason you should visit this wonderful location. The latest addition to the place is paragliding which happens from January to March. You get to fly over the magnificent landscape and crystal water of the dam.

Monsoon is the best time to visit the lake as you can enjoy pleasant weather and camping under a shed. Otherwise, you stay under the open sky facing the lake. A plethora of activities and experiences await your presence at this pristine destination. It's an experience one must not miss.

Best Suited For & Time to Visit

Groups of friends and families, travellers looking for off-beat corporate outings. The campsite can accommodate upto 20 travellers easily. Pretty much all year round. Summers might be a bit hot, but the lake is right there for a quick dip!

Day Two: Paragliding

Sadly I need to move ahead to the next adventure's location - Kamshet for Paragliding. Grabbed some breakfast and started to move toward Kamshet, which is around 18 km away from Pawna Lake via Pavananafar - Kamshet Road.

With a bid to a lovely place I started to move toward Kamshet around 9:00 AM

Paragliding at Kamshet

Kamshet Paragliding is one of the best adventures to try. The reporting location will be notified to you by Paragliding School.

If you don't know how to fly then you can go for a tandem Ride. Experienced pilots fly with you and they control the glider so you can enjoy the thrill, nature's beauty, and bird's eye view. If you want to learn Paragliding and fly without a Pilot then the school offers a 2 or 3 days training program.

Sadly could not fly at Kamshet due to low wind pressure. But departed promising to do it soon.

Overall it was another impeccable weekend getaway. I suggest please book at least one day in advance because mostly over there they don't accept same-day bookings.

On the way back there are a lot of sightseeing places which will come on your way before entering the city. Don't just pass through, stop and click lots of pictures. Try some amazing Chicken Dum Biryani at Ancient Hyderabad, Viman Nagar before starting your return journey

For return, I took 22106, Indrayani Express on Sunday which leaves from Pune at 06:35 PM and reaches Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) at 10:00 PM the same day.

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