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Devkund Plunge Waterfall: Monsoon Treks Around Mumbai

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

A breath-taking waterfall of Devkund is one of the few falls in Maharashtra that falls under the category of a plunge fall. This means that the waterfall pours down with a strong gush on the rocky surface right into the pool. This makes your experience in Devkund, a majestic one. It is situated near the Bhira dam in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is best to go during the monsoon. Temperature is on the lower side and the atmosphere is perfect for a trek or a day out. And don't forget to click stunning pictures of the falls

Things To Remember - If you are in a group, always stick together, the path can get confusing. - Do not venture deep into the forest area. - It is highly recommended that you do not carry any edibles to the sanctuary or near the waterfalls to avoid littering and unwarranted curiosity from animals.

To get a look at completely crystal clear waterfalls, pouring persistently amidst the dense forest, trek to Devkund waterfall. The waterfall trek is a dream trek for the explorers searching for a moderate hike which leads to an outstandingly beautiful waterfall.

There are only a couple of eating out joints on the Devkund Waterfall Trek. So i would propose you to carry a couple of eatables alongside you.

Try not to miss this trek, incase you are nature sweetheart. This place is so alive it makes the city seem barren.

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