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Devkund Plunge Waterfall

The breathtaking waterfall of Devkund is one of the few falls in Maharashtra that falls under the category of a plunge fall. This means that the waterfall pours down with a strong gush on the rocky surface right into the pool. This makes your experience in Devkund, a majestic one.

Devkund Waterfall

It is situated near the Bhira dam in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and it's a must do monsoon trek around Mumbai. It is best to go during the monsoon. Temperature is on the lower side and the atmosphere is perfect for a trek or a day out and don't forget to click stunning pictures of the falls.

How to Reach?

Devkund Waterfall is around 130 kilometres from Mumbai. There is no direct transport available to reach Devkund Waterfall from Mumbai.

By Road: The Devkund Waterfalls are accessible by road from Mumbai. Just put in Devkund Waterfall Trek Start Point in GMaps to reach the exact location from where the trek begins. In Bhira, finding a parking spot might be difficult.

By Train: Take a CSMT local to Karjat, then a bus to Pali, and finally to Bhira. Remember, the frequency of buses from Pali to Bhira is quite low. Check your local listings for bus schedules.

Stay and Food Options

For the stay option, you can enquire at the base village as few villagers provide homestays and lodging facilities. Also, you can pitch your own tent in flat spaces or near the Bhira Dam.

You can enjoy the local food in the base village of Bhira. We did our breakfast and Lunch at Shelar Mama Niwas. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend them. Also, there are small stalls all along the way where you can get basic refreshments.

Devkund Plunge Waterfall

To get a look at completely crystal clear waterfalls, pouring persistently amidst the dense forest, trek to Devkund waterfall. The waterfall trek is a dream trek for explorers searching for a moderate hike which leads to an outstandingly beautiful waterfall.

The most popular way to reach the Devkund waterfall is by a 4.5 km trek from the Bhira village, which is relatively easy with only a few steep paths. You have to register at the desk in the village to begin your journey and pay for Guide Charges Rs. 50 per person. These are common guides charges which are present throughout the trail to Devkund waterfall. These charges became mandatory after a few souls who didn’t know swimming ended up in the pond.

The trail begins from the open parking area at Bhira. It is a well-laid path with direction boards at regular intervals. For the first 30 minutes, the trail goes alongside the Bhira Dam reservoir. In case you wish to stay overnight, this is a good place to set up camp as camping is not allowed near the waterfalls. The backdrop of the reservoir makes this a perfect camping location. It would be very unfair if I keep on glorifying the waterfall and not the journey that leads to it. The trek starts from Bhira village and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach the waterfall. The trek is easy and very picturesque.

A slight descent from here will take you along the banks of the reservoir from where the trail advances further into the forest. In the first 45 mins, you have to cross 2 streams separated by a distance of around 20 mins. The increased water flow will make it difficult but it will be worth it. The trek will get more and more pleasing as the count of your steps increases, full of greenery wherever you see (such a rare sight when you live in a populated city), and mountains with numerous tiny waterfalls.

After this, the trail starts climbing for around minutes. Though the climb isn’t steep, a good amount of energy is required. As you follow the trail, you will come across water streams and open fields where you can rest in small shops/huts that offer tea, lemon juice and snacks along the way. This climb is through dense forest, hence little care needs to be taken while manoeuvring through the branches.

At a glance, You can see clouds, big fresh green mountains and river flowing parallel (feels heavenly). Post the completion of the climb, the trail opens up to a rocky patch. A 10 min walk through the rocks brings you directly in front of the waterfall. which you were hearing for a while.

The roaring waterfall, with a pool of vividly coloured water at its base. The magnificent view of the Sahyadris juxtaposed against lush green terrains makes this breathtaking destination worth visiting!

Locals have marked a line of control bisecting the pond. Swimming in the first half of the bisection is allowed. No one is allowed to go to the point where the water hits the ground as the depth over there is around 60 feet and there have been incidences of visitors drowning in it.

Devkund waterfalls has become heavily commercialised and should be avoided on weekends to beat the crowd.

The Devkund Waterfall should be on everyone's bucket list incase you are a nature sweetheart. This place is so alive it makes the city seem barren. Devkund Falls was a miraculous cascade, and seeing it was a fantastic experience straight out of a fairy tale. We advise every trekker to include this trek on their bucket list and visit this magnificent waterfall. Some other factors which induced us to this trip include awe-inspiring waterfalls. Also, one gets to play in the naturally created pool beneath the Devkund waterfalls. While trekking to Devkund waterfall, you'll come across dense pathways loaded with flora and fauna. Trekking is enjoyable and thrilling, and we’re excited for you to begin your trek!

Major Attractions at Bhira:

  • Andharban Jungle Trek

  • Kolad/Kundalika Water Rafting

  • Bhira Dam

  • Staycation in Kundalika Valley

  • Tamhini Ghat

  • Ghangad Fort

Listen To Me:

  • Carry some ready-to-eat food, atleast 2-3 litres of water and Raincoat.

  • Please do not throw bottles or leave any trash behind. It spoils the beauty and environment.

  • Please get a proper trekking shoe with a grip (No flip-flops) and if possible carry a walking stick also.

  • Talk to the native villagers gently and give respect to them, because you are their guests.

  • Wear full sleeves T-Shirt and Pant, which will protect you from wild insects. It's a jungle, we are bound to bump into these wild insects like leeches.

  • Carry an Id proof.

  • Avoid extreme summer and peak monsoons due to obvious reasons.

  • Do not venture deep into the forest area.


Trek Level: Easy

Base Village: Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra

Time Required: 4-6 hours round way without camping

Region: Raigad, Maharashtra

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