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Why You'll Love Kashmir?

Home to some of the country's most picturesque attractions, Kashmir is a must-see for every kind of traveller. It’s a place where nature's beauty shines brightest, and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and gleaming lakes, making it a haven of peace.

Nature has endowed Kashmir with implausible beauty and is rightly called “Paradise on Earth”. Kashmir is resplendent with stunning Chinar trees that turn the entire valley yellow and red when the autumn arrives, silver lakes that turn golden at the crack of dawn, and crystal blue rivers that are sourced from the icy mountains. The beautiful scenes and the unspoiled nature provide such a mesmerizing view that a person feels that he has come into another place.

If you still have a doubt about Why You'll Love Kashmir then this blog will be able to change your mind. I have tried to create a travel itinerary from my experience, which is ideal for your next backpacking trip as well as for a family trip with my experience and images of Kashmir in Summer and Kashmir in Winter.

How To Reach?

Srinagar (the city of lakes and the Venice of the East ) is the gateway to Kashmir and it should be the first stop to move ahead anywhere, even if you don’t spend much time in the city. It has decent connectivity from Mumbai and even other major cities, based on the time factor you can decide between train & flight journey.

Here are some of the options for people directly coming from Mumbai.

Via Train From Mumbai: The journey from Mumbai to Srinagar by train is a little long, however, it is the best way to commute between the two destinations if one is travelling with a big group or friends. There is no direct train to Srinagar but there is one to Jammu. The train Jammu Tawi Special (09021) is the most preferred train from Mumbai to Jammu. Other trains are Vivek Express (19027) and Swaraj Express (12471). From Jammu, travellers can either board a train or hire a taxi to reach Srinagar. The train journey will take 36 hours to cover Mumbai to Srinagar distance by train. The distance between both places is around 2208 kilometres.

Via Air From Mumbai (recommended): Srinagar has flight connectivity from Mumbai, but there is only three direct flight. So if you plan this trip well in advance as I did, you can get a round way direct flight for ₹ 13,000 and with a layover of between 2-3 hours, you can get it for 10,000. Sometimes, flights to Srinagar can be quite expensive.

Via Delhi: If you are on a budget, please consider flying via Delhi and travelling to Srinagar by bus or train. This option is cheaper but demands more time for travel.

How To Travel Around In Kashmir?

The answer largely depends upon how many people you are travelling with. If you are travelling solo, you can find shared cabs (sumo), small buses and even hitchhiking between cities in Kashmir. However, you will need to find out with the locals about the schedules. No trains are available inside Kashmir.

However, there is very limited public transport inside the cities/towns. So in most cases, you will have to hire a local cab for the day to take you around the tourist destinations. These cabs can cost around INR 3000-4500 per day depending upon the distance and the destination you are covering.

In case you are travelling in groups, try and go for day cabs and split the rent. Large groups can also opt to take a full-time cab with them. Take note that cabs/cars from a different state number plate are often unwelcome and banned from entering some locations. So it would be better and cheaper to get a local cab in most cases.

Where to Stay?

Usually, I don't recommend staying at multiple places during the trip, but for this trip, I am gone make an exception. You will get all the details about the places in the blog.

Apart from these, here are a few more suggestions.

  • Zostel - Located close to Dal Lake & Nishant Garden. It's suitable for backpackers and solo travellers like us.

  • Ahdoos Hotel - Located close to Lal Chowk with beautifully designed spacious ornate rooms. It's suitable for a family trip.

Day 1: Srinagar - The Venice of the East

Check-In @ Pakhtoon Palace House Boat

Any trip to Srinagar calls for an experience in a houseboat. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life staying on a houseboat.

Firstly, it is surrounded by nature. Hence you will be able to enjoy the serene surroundings during your stay. Secondly, it is as luxurious as it is homely. These houseboats are equipped with all modern facilities. Also, the intricate wood carvings and traditional house décor will amaze you the most. Thirdly, you will experience authentic Kashmiri culture during your stay in the houseboats. The locals are pretty friendly and helpful, so you never have to worry about anything.

Staying on a houseboat is definitely a unique way to experience Kashmir. The only downside is that you can’t come and go as easily as you’d like. You need to call a shikara to take you to dry land. So I recommended staying for 1 or 2 nights.

There are plenty of options for houseboats in Dal Lake and Nagin Lake, but I suggest you must consider staying at Pakkhtoon Palace - located at Ghat No. 17. The houseboat has a good location, away from the crowded section of Dal Lake. The nice thing about the houseboat was the view on all three sides. On a clear morning, one could glimpse the captivating sight of the icy mountains on the right. The Shankaracharya temple looms ahead with the view of the Boulevard road alongside Dal Lake. The place itself is kind of a 4-star property on the water, at the price of a 3-star property.

Shikara Ride (Sunset)

During your stay in their houseboats, you will be able to enjoy taking shikhara rides, it is also considered to be a cultural symbol. Sunset views from the Shikara are something you won’t want to miss at all.

Day 2: Srinagar - The City Of Lakes & Garden

Dal Lake

Reckoned to be the pride of Kashmir tourism, Dal Lake is the most popular attraction in Srinagar. Enclosed by splendid Pir Panjal mountains and Mughal Gardens, this must-see place is ideal for family vacationers, honeymoon couples, and even for solo travellers seeking peace.

Dal Lake is also one of the best locations in Kashmir for film shooting as it offers some incredible vistas of lofty rolling hills, the distant snow-capped mountains, the shikara ride .quietly and the houseboat standing still with the perfect poise.

The canopied Shikaras sailing on the lake is one of the major attractions of Dal Lake. The houseboats on the lake are also the top attraction and the best accommodation option in Srinagar for tourists.


The Shankaracharya hill and the temple is a hallmarks of the city of Srinagar. This ancient temple is a popular religious and spiritual centre of pilgrimage. This is why Hindu devotees visit this temple in large numbers every day.

What makes Shankaracharya Temple so famous is that Adi Shankaracharya himself spent a long time here, composed some of his greatest works and meditated in silence.

The platform that surrounds Shankaracharya Temple overlooks the sprawling Srinagar city. Landmark sightseeing attractions of Srinagar such as the voluptuous Jhelum River, Hari Parbat and the busy Dal Lake are clearly visible from this vantage point. The view of the snow-clad Pir Panjal Range from the terrace is breathtaking.

This wide panorama which offers a bird’s eye view of Srinagar city and Jhelum Valley is a major attraction here. The view of the river meandering its way through the bustling Srinagar city is a grand spectacle. This is why this temple is a must-visit place in Srinagar of Kashmir.

Chashme Shahi

Chashme Shahi is a three-terraced garden through which flows the water of the natural spring. On the top terrace of the garden, a double-storey hut is built which is believed to be the origin source of the water. Believed to have been discovered by a great female saint of Kashmir, Rupa Bhawani, the spring got its name from her clan and was originally called 'Chashme Sahibi'. Tourists visit this attraction in Srinagar to drink the water from the spring which is believed to have medicinal properties. The former Premier of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, used to get the water from the spring to Delhi.

The gardens have Persian/Iranian influence in their architecture and are well-manicured offering a visual treat to the visitors. It is to be noted, even in the peak summer season, the water from the spring is always cold.

Mughal Garden / Shalimar Bagh

Set on the shores of the pristine Dal Lake, the Mughal Garden is the largest garden in Kashmir valley and thus is one of the most touristy places in Srinagar. Covering an area of 31 acres, this garden once served as the favourite summer destination of Emperor Jahangir and his court.

Encircled by tall trees of Chinar and many colourful flowers, the Mughal Garden presents tourists with a serene environment. It also boasts a beautifully designed canal that runs through the centre of the garden, further enhancing its charm.

The best time to visit Mughal Garden is from May to October when the weather is salubrious

Timing: The park is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm for visitors every day.

Hazrat Bal Dargah

The Hazratbal Shrine, considered to be the holiest Muslim shrine in Kashmir, is located on the left bank of the Dal. The mosque was established by Inayat Begum who was the custodian of the holy relic - the Moi-e-Muqqadas, which is believed to be the hair of the Prophet Mohammed. The building has a distinct Persian influence and is the only domed mosque in Kashmir, while the rest have a pagoda-style roof. The construction of the marble structure presents here today was started in 1968 and completed in 1979. From the grand shrine, you get a beautiful view of Dal Lake and the mountain ranges beyond.

Only men are allowed in the inner prayer hall and women are allowed up to the outer hall only. The Hazratbal Dargah is featured in Bollywood movies like Fanaa and Haider and finds mention in the plot of the movie Mission Kashmir.

Jama Masjid

Located in Nowhatta also called Downtown, Jama Masjid is the biggest mosque in Kashmir Valley and among the top attractions for tourists in Srinagar. The mosque’s prime location, impressive architecture, large size, as well as historical and religious importance, makes it quite a popular place to see in Srinagar. The architecture of Jama Masjid has the influence of the Indo-Saracenic style. A magnificent courtyard with 370 wooden pillars adds to the charm of Jama Masjid. There are three entrance gates on the north, south and eastern sides of Jama Masjid with three turrets standing on the tall columns of deodar wood.

Floating Post Office

Being one-of-its-kind architecture, this post office has now become an important part of a tourist’s Kashmir itinerary. You won’t believe the number of travellers who visit the post office just to send a postcard to their loved ones.

Also, the stamps here feature the image of Dal Lake, which is a kind of tribute to this nature’s work of art. There couldn’t be a better souvenir, right?

An Absolutely Delicious Wazwan Feast @ Mughal Darbar

Wazwan is the crowning glory of Kashmiri cuisine. A lavish meal of, generally, 5-6 dishes placed atop a mound of rice in a Trami, it's highly recommended to all those who visit Kashmir and Mughal Darbar is among the best places to enjoy Wazwan in Srinagar.

The Mughal Darbar is one of the best restaurants in Srinagar known for offering some great Mughlai dishes along with Kashmiri cuisine (Wazwan). A ‘not-so-expensive’ eatery and good quality food draw a lot of foodies to this restaurant. If you are in Srinagar and do not want to miss the Kashmiri delicacies, head straight to Mughal Darbar.

To finish quarter plate of Wazwan you will need a company, if you don't have a good appetite and as per local believe you should have wazwan on sharing basis that leads to emit the fights and grow more love among couples.

Traditionally Wazwan had a 36-dish "multi-course meal" and it's not meant to satiate your hunger but to indulge you in an out-of-the-world experience. GenZ Wazwan or Mini Wazwan has the following dishes and is served with long basmati rice -

  • Rista (meatballs in a fiery red gravy)

  • Rogan josh (tender lamb cooked with Kashmiri spices)

  • Gushtaba (a velvety textured meatball in white yoghurt gravy)

  • Tabak maaz (ribs of lamb simmered in yoghurt till tender, then fried)

  • Kabab (minced meat roasted on skewers over hot coals)

  • Dum Aloo/Paneer Tikka / Chicken Tikka

Day 3: Aharbal Waterfall - Niagara Falls of Kashmir

Sunrise Shikara Ride & Breakfast

Shikara ride in Dal Lake is one of the most popular tourist activities in Srinagar. It is something that everyone visiting Kashmir looks forward to. If you think about it, it is actually just a boat ride, like you would do anywhere else on any body of water. But still, it feels different. It feels charming. It feels pleasant. There is something different when you do this boat ride in Dal Lake, sitting in a Shikara.

The best time to enjoy a Shikara ride is either in the morning on in the evening. This is when the weather will be enjoyable. You can do it during the day as well but it will not be that pleasant of an experience. These rides will allow you to explore the waters and reach fascinating vegetable and flower markets. It would help if you wake up early so that you make the best of this experience. You will also be in awe while you observe the sunrise over the water.

The Shikara people claim that there are in total of 7 points that they will show you while taking the Shikara ride on Dal Lake in Srinagar.

1. Nehru Park

​4. The Island of Char Chinar

2. Nishat Bagh

​5. Floating Market

​3. Shalimar Bag

​6. Hazratbal Mosque

Most of these are mere structures that you see while passing through. While some others are like islands or shops where you can actually stop and get down.

Kashmir has a great culinary tradition of pairing tea with bread. Now, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill bread slices but freshly baked bread. Every area has its own local Kandur, a baker from whom people buy freshly baked bread to go with their morning/evening Kehwa or Sheer Chai.

The dough for making Girda is fermented for almost 10-12 hours to get the perfect texture. Like Chott, Girda too has slight depressions on its surface. But Girda is made with a mix of maida and wheat flour whereas Chott uses only Maida. The idea of winters in Kashmir sounds perfect with some Girda and Noon chai, sitting by the heat of a Kangri. During the morning shikara ride, you can try this at Quick Ready Restaurant.

Check In @ JH Bazaz Hotel

Hotel J. H Bazaz is not simply a hotel but it's more of a home converted to a hotel and feels much like a home away from your home with all the amenities of a hotel and a great host (Mr. Sarwar).

Located at the stonethrow distance from Dal Lake in the middle of an old yet peaceful residential area, behind Ghat 2. It’s far enough from the city traffic. The rooms are spacious and clean with hot water available all day. Ask for the room with the balcony which is the best. The breakfast is great too and you get freshly home-cooked food every time which is served in the dining area where 12 people can sit at a time. This small property gives the star hotels a run for their money in terms of service and hospitality.

Aharbal Waterfall - Flows In Seclusion

Aharbal Waterfall also known as the "The Niagara Of Kashmir" is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kashmir. It is located on the Vishaw River, a tributary of the Jehlum River, in an alpine valley covered in pine and fir trees at a distance of only about 70 kilometres and it takes about two hours by car from Srinagar, it is a place that is amazingly beautiful and easily accessible but does not get the attention that it truly deserves.

From the entry gate/ticket counter, one path leads to the waterfall passes through a big meadow and tourist huts for accommodation which you can book online surrounded by peaks of the Pir-Panjal ranges looming on the horizon. Following the steps and the trail leading to the waterfall viewpoint you will hear the sound of the gushing Vishaw River.

From the viewpoint, it is like those scenic spots that you see in the movies. A scenic spot with a beautiful waterfall in the background, and silence all around except for the sound of the falling water. Thousands of people travel through Kashmir each year but only a handful of those come to Aharbal. It is a place that is still known only among the locals as a picnic spot that they come to with their families. So if you want to visit some offbeat but highly scenic destinations then Aharbal is what I will recommend.

Aharbal Waterfall is a stunning one. The water gushing down from a height looks quite stunning. I have seen a number of beautiful waterfalls like the Dudhsagar in Goa and the mighty Jog Falls and the several waterfalls. Aharbal Waterfall is equally stunning. What it lacks in height, is compensated by the ethereally beautiful landscape of Kashmir.

Apart from the Aharbal Waterfall which is the biggest attraction in Aharbal. The natural beauty of the place around Aharbal is another attraction. The drive from Shopian to Aharbal is quite scenic with great vistas all around. On the way to Aharbal, you will cross a small bridge and see the Vishaw River flowing through the mountains, you will immediately take your camera out and start clicking.

Other Attraction Near By:

  • Trekking: Kausar Nag Lake - Source of River Vishaw

  • Road Trip: Peer ki Gali Pass / Mughal Road

  • Trekking: Meadows Of Kungawatan

Dinner @ Shamyana Restaurant

This place is a BIG NO from my side. I love to eat good food and while searching for a good place to eat around Dal Lake, Shamyana was among the common name on multiple websites. So obviously after an amazing road trip day to Aharbal Waterfall, I reached Shamyana to eat local Kashmiri cuisine with full expectations and order Tabak Maaz & Mirchi Korma but unfortunately, neither of the dishes was cooked properly. Not recommended for food lovers and the value of money is zero.

Day 4: Gulmarg - Truly Beautiful!

Gulmarg is the crowing glory of Jammu & Kashmir also known as the "Meadow of Flowers", it boasts the world's highest golf course and skiing paradise. Exploring the entire Gulmarg over a day trip won't be possible, so do check out my separate blog on Gulmarg (Coming Soon). During British rule, Gulmarg served as a retreat for the British soldiers just like Darjeeling, Shimla and Mussoorie.

Gulmarg has two versions of it for travellers -

Summer: The green vistas of this place are dotted with colourful flowers. The place with its breathtaking beauty, mesmerizing landscapes and gondola ride.

Winter: Do check out my blog Gulmarg: White Wonder of the World

Gondola Ride

One of the major attractions, the Gulmarg Gondola is the second-highest cable car ride in the world. It came into existence in May 1998 with phase I ferrying visitors to Kongdoori at a height of 8,500 feet. The second phase became operational in May 2005 from Kongdoori to Apharwath peaks at a height of 13,500 feet. The Gondola offers a spectacular view of Gulmarg, Khilanmarg, the Himalayan ranges, Pir Panjal range, Nanda Devi and the LOC.

Phase 1: Kongdoori

Kongdoori (Phase 1) cable car service starts from the Gulmarg, situated at a height of 2,600 meters, and takes passengers to Kongdoori Station in the Kongdori Valley. This valley is characterized by its bowl shape, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it a true highlight of any visit to the region.

Phase 2: Apharwat Peak

Situated at a height of 4200 metres above the mean sea level, Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg is one of the most breathtaking places. Remotely positioned near LOC with Pakistan, the region receives heavy rainfall and is covered in snow for most of the year. Apharwat Peak is where winter sports in Gulmarg take place.

The horizon from top has a unique view. Wherever your eyes can look, it will only give you a feel a wall of mountains is protecting the beauty of Gulmarg from the rest of the world.

Imbued with snow-clad mountains and surrounded by pearly white meadows, throughout the year mostly the area is a perfect honeymoon destination and the most picturesque tourist spot in Srinagar.

If you are planning to trek to Alpather Lake, start early and visit Phase 2 first. (Recommended only in summer).

Gulmarg Golf Course

Gulmarg was once a retreat for the British troops in India. The British quite loved a game of golf and so they developed golf courses in this quaint hill station. The golf course was opened in 1911 and is one of the highest ones in the world. The first Golf Championship was played here in 1922.

The Gulmarg Golf Course was redesigned and reopened in 2011. I do not understand anything about golf. However, I found the place quite beautiful. Everywhere is green and it is so soothing to the eyes.

Maharani Temple

The temple, located on a small hillock is said to be the royal temple of the Dogra Dynasty. The temple was built by Maharaja Hari Singh and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known as Maharani Temple because Queen Maharani Mohini Bai used to pray here every day.

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church is located just near the Golf Course. The century-old Victorian Church looks quite beautiful standing in the middle of the meadows. The church has grey stone walls and is decorated beautifully inside. It is believed that the church was built in 1902 and was renovated later in 2013.

Must Know Before You Visit Gulmarg

  • Entry Fees (Adult - Indian) & Timing


Ticket Cost

Summer Timings

Winter Timings

Phase 1 - Gulmarg to Kungdoor

INR 740 per person

09 AM to 05 PM

10 AM to 04 PM

​Phase 2 - Kungdoor and Apharwat

INR 950 per person

10 AM to 04 PM

10 AM to 03 PM

  • During summer you can drive your private /rental car to the dropping/parking point which is around 600 metres from the Gondola starting point. The pony hawkers or sledge pullers might try to scare you off by saying that the distance is 3 km. They will quote an exorbitant price (around INR 1000) by saying it is the official price of the J&K government. It is advised not to fall into the tourist scam and only hire a pony if required. The rates are negotiable and will cost you around INR 500 (to and fro) or INR 1000 for a full tour.

  • Get tickets for Phase 1 (Gulmarg to Kungdoor) and Phase 2 (Kungdoor and Apharwat) from this website. Prior booking is mandatory as the slots are limited and to avoid the hassle of standing in a queue. Several 'local guides' may skip the line altogether to get their "VIP" guests boarded first on the gondola ride.

  • If you reach Phase 1 later than noon, we recommend you not to stop to enjoy the scenery as Phase 2 gets closed early. Hurry to Phase 2 and try and reach there before 2:00 PM. Post 3:00 PM, grey clouds surround the peak, and the weather conditions might get worse.

  • Gondola services can get interrupted due to bad weather.

  • If you are doing it as a day trip you will have to start very early for the Gondola ride and come down by afternoon if you want to see other major attractions such as Maharani Temple, Golf Course, St. Mary’s Church etc.

Day 5: Pahalgam - A Place Straight Outta Dream

Pahalgam - Valley of Shepherds

It is counted among the top tourist destinations of Kashmir because there are opportunities for camping, sightseeing, trekking, pilgrimage yatra, white water rafting and fishing.

A family holiday to Pahalgam is very exciting and you can do a lot of things to make your vacation a fun-filled one. You can spend time by the bank of the Lidder River & enjoy the blissful company of Mother Nature. Other places where you can see the awe-inspiring beauty of Pahalgam are Aru & Betaab valleys along with Bainsaran, which are dotted with meadows, lakes & streams. Over here I covered must-visit places which can be easily explored over a day trip from Srinagar. For a full blog please checkout my separate blog Pahalgam - A Place Straight Outta Dream (Coming Soon).

Let's start you can explore the locations by trekking or on a horse/pony but trekking will be time-consuming and you have to start earlier in the morning. You can find the horse/pony at the taxi stand. The horse owners/guides will quote an exorbitant price (around INR 6000) by saying it is the official price of the J&K government. It is advised not to fall into the tourist scam. The rates are negotiable and will cost you within a price range of INR 1000 to INR 15000 for a full tour. Also, the board at the pony stand, which shows 6-7 points that your guide will be showing you is a scam. Only Waterfall & Baisaran Valley are worth exploring places (don't says this to your guide). Ask your guide/horse owner to take the long route (the motorable road up to a certain point). There is also a shorter route which is through hills from the very beginning of the journey and takes lesser time.

If you are healthy and like hiking, it's a good hike to do. Reach us through the comments section below if we can answer your questions. The idea here is to ensure that you have a good time in Pahalgam

The mountain climb is not a straight road it is full of steep slopes and narrow ravines. If you are riding a horse for the first time then the crude road upward will make you put your heart in your mouth and initially feel very crazy going up there.

Pahalgam Waterfall

The chilled yet refreshing water of the molten snow flowing down from the mountains, making its way through the rocks, makes it a mesmerizing waterfall. A perfect place to sit and relax by dipping your feet in the cold water and enjoying the moment, far away from the worldly rush and noise. The overall journey will take place for atleast 5 hrs with halts at all locations to give you enough time to enjoy and create memories.

Baisaran Valley

It is a meadow located about 6 kilometres from Pahalgam in the Anantnag district of Kashmir and is famous as a top sightseeing destination, called Mini-Switzerland because of its picturesque beauty. It’s a hilltop green meadow dotted with dense pine forests and surrounded by snowcapped mountains. This famous offbeat tourist place is a sight to see and is for those wanting to spend a quiet time in the company of nature. It also serves as a campsite for trekkers going to Tulian Lake. You can also enjoy the panoramic sights of Pahalgam town & Lidder Valley from here.

It was like a piece of heaven in front of my eyes! Snow-capped mountain peaks at the backdrop and lush green vast velvet-like valley with pine trees surrounded all over makes it really look like a postcard from Switzerland.

Some of the magnificent views which you can see en route to Baisaran are Kanimarg, Pahalgam Old Village, Kashmir Valley Point, Dabyan and Deon Valley Point.

The same trek then goes further up to other villages like Kani Marg and Tulian Valley (also Tulian Lake). The difficulty level of the trek is Beginner to Intermediate and is great for anyone who isn’t into trekking but would like to add the experience to their travel plans.

Wazwan: The Last Dinner In Sringar

For the love of the Wazwan, I was back at Mughal Darbar. But here are two other places I have tried and where you can find the best Wazwan in Srinagar.

  • Ahdoos

  • The Chinar (The Lalit Property)

Day 6: Return to Mumbai

So Does Kashmir Really Live Up to the Hype? There is just so much to see here and so much to do. This I believe is the very reason that despite all the unrest and tensions, Srinagar continues to remain one of the most visited tourist destinations in our country.

But before leaving Srinagar, there is one last place which you can visit on the way back.

Jan Bakery, Dal Gate

For all the foodies, this bakery is a must to visit when you visit Srinagar. It's located right at the Dal Gate and anyone will fall in love with their products. Some of the things that I ate or have taken as a parcel back home - Puff (hot & awesome), Rolls & Coconut Cookies.

Kashmir is a beautiful place and instantly accepts you as one of its own! Whether or not you go with your bundle of expectations, this charming places will win your heart with its hospitality, warmth and sheer beauty.

Good To Know FAQs

Is there any vegetarian restaurant in Srinagar?

Yes, there are multiple vegetarian restaurants in Srinagar, some of which are: Delhi Di Rasoi, Stream Restaurant, Shamiana Restaurant, Krishna Vaishno Dhaba and Pincer Vegetarian Foods

Which restaurant serves the best wazwan in Srinagar?

Best restaurant to have wazwan in Srinagar are: Mughal Darbar, Kareema Restaurant and Ahdoos

Trekking Trails In Kashmir

There are many beautiful trekking trails in Kashmir that we are usually not aware of. I went for one such trek, the Kashmir Great Lake in Sonmarg and it was totally worth it. Kashmir just kept on amazing us each day we spent there

Best Time to Visit Baisaran Valley

The best time to visit Baisaran depends on the kind of experience you want. If you want to enjoy the snow, visit it from January to March. To enjoy its greenery and enjoy pleasant weather, visit it from April to June.

How to reach Aharbal Waterfall from Srinagar?

Getting to Aharbal is not that difficult. If you were travelling by your own vehicle or a rented cab/motorcycle, you can travel by either of the below-mentioned routes.

Route 1: Srinagar – Nowgam – Pulwama – Shopian – Aharbal Waterfall

Route 2: Srinagar – Pampore – Pulwama – Shopian – Aharbal Waterfall