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The Majestic Tahuli Peak

Searching for new and less-explored, places is every traveller's wish; perhaps the most difficult part is finding one such place. But when you get this opportunity you surely are not going to miss it. Tahuli comes under regions of Kalyan, Karjat and Panvel. Tahuli cannot be called a fort. It is mainly known for its three pinnacles - Tahuli Peak/Dadi Ma Peak, Haji Malang (Malang Gad) and Panch Peer. The heightened pinnacles and difficult ways to get to the top render Tahuli to be a significant one, yet unknown to many trekkers. The beauty of these hills lies in their 3 unique peaks that are just mesmerizing from the top of the mountains.

How to reach?

Mumbai Local Train: The cheapest and most convenient way to reach the Kushivali base village for Tahuli Peak Trek for Mumbaikar is through Local Train (Central Railway). Take a local train to Kalyan. I suggest taking the first train out from CSMT at 04:15 AM which will reach Kalyan by 05:43 AM. You can find KMDT Buses going to Malanggad every 15 min from Kalyan Bus Depot. Alternatively, you can even take rickshaws that are available outside the station

Private Car: If comfort is your priority and travelling in a group go by car. Kushivali is well-connected to Mumbai by roadways (Thane – Shilphata–Dombivli – Kushivali) it will take around 2 hours to reach the bases village. with a break. The road is well constructed. Several ATMs, petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants and banks are located on the route. Just make sure that you download the area before starting your journey because you might lose the signal multiple times on the way. Also remember guys Kushivali being a small village there aren’t many spots available.

The Majestic Tahuli Peak

The trek begins by walking through the village. There is only one road that eventually turns into a mud road. This mud road will pass through the open plain ground. The road leads straight towards the huge Tahuli mountain giving you a clear sight of the task that is in front of you. The mighty Malanggad and its daunting pinnacles add to the terrific views and do not fail at showing the strength of mighty nature.

The muddy trail going toward Tahuli Peak

After walking for around 25-30 mins a diversion on the main road can be seen and it quickly becomes confusing. Guys remember you need to keep going towards the Ganesh-Kartik pinnacle. In the initial patch, there aren’t any markings and due to many small branches the trail gets confusing but one should keep moving towards the Ganesh-Kartik pinnacle. I suggest you take a local villager as your guide, this will help you a lot and will save time also. In case you don't want to take the guide to confirm the path from the villagers by asking for Dadima and not Tahuli. This muddy road ends at a water stream. The route from here is marked. Look out for the arrows if you are lost. Moving further and you will come across another flowing waterfall to cross.

Walking for a half-hour from Kushivali (Base village) through the plain grounds and crossing the stream you then reach the mountain base. The route goes through a dense forest suddenly, it becomes very inclined and the terrain gains altitude very quickly. There are rocks all around and it requires good endurance to climb this steep route. After some time you will reach the top of the first hill where you get to see some plain surface for getting a breath or two.

Then moving further above you have to keep on going through dense forest and keep climbing up the steep floor. The jungle becomes humid during the monsoon but instead of complaining you can enjoy the lush greenery and see many fauna and wilderness around.

Bamnya Peak/Ganesh Kartik pinnacle giving us glimpse through the clouds

Trekking for around two hours from the time you first saw the arrow, you'll reach the plateau where the huge Ganeshkartik pinnacle welcomes you. On reaching there one can see that the base village looks miniature, the view injects chills through your spine and looking at its humongous size you'll be amazed. On walking for a little longer you will reach a small shiv temple. There is a house where lives a humble villager live who can get you some food and water.

Bamnya Peak/Ganesh Kartik pinnacle
Into the wild

From this point, you have to walk further through the forest. However, the flat terrain gives the body some relief after the steep climb. At some point, you will come across two paths, the left one goes towards Tahuli Peak and Panch Peer and the straight forest trail goes towards the waterfall. This waterfall is also popular for the reverse waterfall phenomenon.

Bamnya Peak/Ganesh Kartik pinnacle view from the waterfall

Now coming back from the waterfall, you need to take a step and continue your journey. Remember, you need to move around the Ganesh kartik pinnacle and pass it completely as it sits on your right. After walking for a little longer you will reach another waterfall. A route goes over it and it quickly becomes slippery during monsoon and hence railings are provided for support. Here one can see the remnants of fortified walls that are hidden deep under dense vegetation which makes one think as to how this place would have looked hundreds of years ago.

Now after crossing this waterfall, you can again go into the jungle and after walking few meters you come out at the base of the ridge, a few minutes later, after a tiring climb you reach the top of a ridge which has valleys on both sides.

The route towards the Ganeshkartik pinnacle takes you to Paanch peer which has five sacred Muslim tombs. On the opposite side of the pinnacle, one can see the magnificent structure of the Tahuli peak. You have to then walk towards the peak on the ridge. One has to be careful over there as heavy winds blow and there's a drop of great depth on both sides.

Panch Peer Peak
View from the top of Tahuli Peak

The well-marked route goes slightly to the left of the main peak and on climbing it you will reach Ramu Baba Samadhi which indicates the end of the beautiful journey. walk for the last couple of miles takes you to the top of the main Dadimaa Tahuli peak.

One of my favourite offbeat destination but its highly advisable to do it in monsoon as the beauty of the trail is enhanced many times and would be an easy go for hiking for 7-8 hrs.

Listen To Me:

  • Carry some ready to eat food, atleast 2-3 litres of water. There aren't any food options available during the trek.

  • Never go alone during monsoon season and always carry a windcheater for a monsoon trek.

  • Do not try to risk your life while trekking and always take a guide if you don’t know the route. Don’t write on walls of the fort, don’t litter, do not indulge in the act of drinking and smoking.

  • Please get a proper trekking shoe with a grip and if possible carry a walking stick also.

  • Do not try to climb from the Badlapur route.

  • Talk to the native villagers gently and give respect to them, because you are their guests.

  • Wear full sleeves T-shirt and Pant, which will protect you from the wild insect. It's a jungle, we are bound to bump into these wild insects like leeches.

  • Carry an Id proof.


Trek Level: Medium but High Endurance

Base Village: Kushivali, Kalyan-Maharashtra

Altitude: 3487 ASL

Time Required: 7-8 hours round way.

Region: Thane District

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