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9 Places You'll Want to Visit in 2022

Are you ready to get the new year’s ball rolling? To finally go on adventures you have been putting off for the longest time? Are you ready to make 2022 your year?

The year where you finally have enough pictures for all your different socials, memories to last a lifetime, and experiences to replenish your soul?

Oh! To bask under the southern sun with the sand beneath escaping from between your toes, to marvel at the diversity and celebrate the cultural uniqueness, meet all kinds of people, and come across the ideologies behind varying beliefs across our country.

Trips across the country you’ve been pinning scenic views of in your Pinterest account, can all finally be replaced by your polaroids. I am sure you must feel lost and overwhelmed, and rightfully so, there’s only so much browsing one can do. Well, here are the nine places you’d want to visit in 2022.

1. Offbeat Goa – Add them to your bucket list!

Goa is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. Thanks to its image as the party capital, hippie joint and laidback attitude, a trip to Goa every year is a norm for many travellers. Get on the planning as soon as you get your office leaves approved, but for A Undiscovered Goa Trip. Give the usual suspects a miss and try these offbeat things and places instead

2. Chennai and Pondicherry

Anyone who has been to Candies in Pali hill, Bandra, must know the yellow wall that is famous for its Pondicherry vibes. Why not experience the authentic culture of Pondicherry in person? This backpacking trip to Chennai and Pondicherry is the perfect way to ring in the new year’s.

3. Aurangabad

Aren’t looking for too hectic of a travel schedule but want to remember our ancestors as you begin a new chapter in the calmest way possible? Deep meditations and self-reflections in a quiet hollow cave are surely the way to achieve that.

4. Vengurla: Explore The Unexplored Konkan

Vengurla - A beautiful town located just north of Goa! Another peaceful and breathtaking coastal town that is well-known for its evergreen bounty of nature and sea. The beaches at

Vengurla is a stretch of clear white sand accentuated by rugged cliffs and lush green hills. Some of the best beaches in Maharashtra are found here!

5. Chikhaldara – A Quaint Hill Station

Parties, unnecessarily loud countdowns, pretentious pleasantries don’t excite you? But instead, you want to go away for some peace and quiet? A trip to a quaint hill station with your closed one will give you exactly that! To top it off, beautiful sunrises from your resort balcony and a strawberry Farmville, ahh! An absolute dream!

6. Mandu and Maheshwar

Mandu and Maheshwar are two gems of Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwar is situated on the bank of river Narmada and Mandu is endowed with a very attractive natural scenery, the best of Mandu is further enhanced by about a dozen of lakes and ponds interspersed on it probably the reason why the city, enclosed within its fort walls when in its prime was called by the Muslim rulers as Shadiabad (The City Of Joy).

7. Offbeat Rajasthan – Bundi, Kota, and Chittorgarh

As most headlines state, every celebrity is running off to Rajasthan for their wedding, and this is simply because of the architectural masterpiece that Rajasthan is! The year 2022 calls for some beauty engorging. With delicately engraved buildings dating back to the 17th century and paintings depicting untold stories, this Rajasthan trio is a must-visit.

8. Dharamshala & McLeod Ganj

Snow-clad mountains and gorgeous views overlooking them are every traveller's dream. Your 2022 summer can be envisioned here. Being surrounded by monks, this place can aid one to tap into their inner core and learn more about the teaching and practices of the Buddhist and Tibetan teachings.

9. Koyna (Koynanagar)

Koynanagar is a beautiful region, covered with flora and greenery, especially after monsoons. Those seasonal months heavily attract backpackers, bird watchers, and animal and nature enthusiasts. One of the relatively lesser-known hill stations, it derives its name from the massive Koyna dam, Koynanagar can be added as part of an elongated weekend trip. Here is how you can do it too!

Go on then! Grab your notepad, your group chats, your people, family, and make your travel list finally come true. I can feel your excitement bubbling through the screen!

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