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Solo Travel - The Best Way to Explore

Fantasies of the mind keep evolving with new experiences and drifting of time yet the one of solo tripping never goes out of fashion. There is something enticing and thrilling about the whole notion surrounding solo travel. If I may explain, solo travel is the act of travelling alone for a significant amount of time to explore the possibilities of the world. And if you want to be an avid solo traveller or consider being one, this one's for you. It's more similar to how we exist on this planet; alone, aware of our own lives yet amongst the crowd :D

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Well, you are not entirely alone as such during a solo trip but you aren't familiar with your troop too and that's why it's so inexplicably exhilarating. Speaking of which only two types of outcomes may be sure to happen if you take a solo trip,

  1. You might fall for a lifelong commitment with the thrill and tranquillity or

  2. Hate it so much that you'd begin to detest the whole process of it.

Life is meant for good friends and great adventures. Good travel buddy makes your travel experience full of memories. Mumpy Das Dey and Vishal Dhotre
Life is meant for good friends and great adventures. A good travel buddy makes your travel experience full of memories.

However many best solo trips you might have undertaken or desire to take on .....rationally so it's a tad bit scary and freaky to do it all by yourself. Solo trips, unlike family picnics, are devoid of mom's prepared delicacies and Dada's lame jokes, some sibling rivalry here and there, to cooking some gossip, some confrontations, some retro antakshari and lots of fam-jam. On a solo trip, you have to literally carry all the weights and burdens of your life and your luggage along with you. That's actually the sad part I believe of course along with

cooking your own meals, planning the next day, travelling alone, and the most important part, budgeting and shelling out your own money. Uff I know thy pain. But what we aren't focusing on until then is the thrilling factor this whole experience induces within you. From taking that decision of exploring a country's lanes alone to booking those tickets, from reading about the destination, the weather, the culture, the cuisines, to scheduling the itinerary, to constantly contemplating if you're headed in the right direction it's a pretty nerve-wracking ride and to lessen the burden on your shoulders to some extent, The Travel Blueprint is here to your rescue. It consists of a collection of blogs guiding the masses of the best trips for a Solo traveller with an explicit understanding of each destination.

From helpful tips on transportation and accommodation to the exchange of numerous entertaining stories to a complete itinerary-building, it does it all. So do jump on the live wire of solo tripping and I'm sure there is no turning back from thereon.

Par ye toh hue purre ameeron ke shouk :))

Talking from a majoritarian perspective of the society, brown parenting as being the most prevalent in the Indian culture doesn't approve of anything mentioned above. The concept of being able to make decisions for oneself is literally alien to them and they feel their kids are the only nikaammas and nikammees born to them unlike every other household intown rearing the "adarsh bacche"

Your whims and fancies are dusted off like cobwebs on ceiling walls and if at all you have a chance of approval, the Arzi keeps dwindling between your mom and dad taking turns that you're so drained travelling solo carrying your approval letter to the prime minister and president of the house, you've practically gotten a hang of it. Talking about solo travel in an Indian household in itself is some kind of "paap". This sort of leisure activities and vellapanti can only be achieved if you secure good marks in your board exams because all love here is conditional. Concluding the rant here, this doesn't mean, tum kabhi bhi zindagi ke mauj nahi kar paogaye, because every brown parent = Farhan ke abba from Three idiots.. thoda logic and thoda heart to heart talk could go a long way. All you have to do is 'Dare to ask'.

If you are being misunderstood as a selfish person for your self-love, then you sure need this the most. Being someone's parent, offspring, sibling, spouse, employee, organizer or being privileged for that matter doesn't expel you from treating yourself well, neither does it promise all the zestful sensations of the world nor can these be fulfilled by a solo trip but what solo travel could surely do for you is lend you the time you need to introspect and discover the varied capabilities of oneself, to be all yourself without the fear of being judged and do all the adventurous things letting off your inhibitions.

Lastly, a solo trip is ultimately necessary at least once in a lifetime to validate your own self that you too need and deserve all of the worlds without being guilty of what follows. As Bunny says it- "Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon ... bus rukna nahi chahta".

Unleash yourself from all the self-bondage and take that far- envisioned solo trip pretty soon.

Happy journey !!!

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