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  • Gloria Mathias

8 Things People Get Wrong About Backpacking Trip

If you're a '90's kid' and have had the luxury of television with a cable connection, you have lived the world in a different way altogether. When channels like MTV, V Channel, NDTV Good times etc. were your only viable and coolest source of digital platform. From entertainment about trendy music, fashion, movies, shows or travel destinations to viewers aspiring to be VJs, those truly were the days. Especially in the arena of tourism, a whole new definition of wander-lusting and travel goal was created for the masses. These shows in a true sense hyped the audience by bringing in a different approach. Particularly the shows where the host would take solo backpacking trips and showcased the scenic landscapes which was surely a visual bliss.

I mean; the backpacker adventure is what we all envied their lives for :) But now I'm sure, we've surpassed those days yet the memory remains intact. What's more interesting is that solo travels are everyone's cup of tea and now more and more people have been enjoying the thrill of it. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, let's learn about it as you see; it's never too late, right?!

Alexa play…. Country music !!

Today let's talk about my personal favourite, backpacking trips.

Backpacking trips are nothing but the process that encompasses the bare-minimum. It could be a trip undertaken for weeks, months or even years and the cost of living follows a pattern of minimalism. Unlike plush luxurious travel trips, accommodation is pretty basic and the destinations could range from a city outskirts to an unimaginable international countryside.

Some essentialities of a backpacking trip would be:

  • Your constant mode of travel would be public transport.

  • You will be happily accommodating a hostel rather than a hotel.

  • You will have a stringent budget to not exhaust.

  • You will be always carrying along with you your boriya-bistar on your shoulders.

  • And you are going to have the best time of your life ;))

What surprises me is that this kind of travel i.e Backpacking discards the whole notion of enjoying oneself with the help of materialistic factors. This validates how street life could be a whole new adventure of self-exploration to live, love, and laugh and most importantly to learn. If you are dazed and frightened, The Travel Blueprint is here to your rescue. It consists of a collection of blogs guiding the masses of the best trips for a traveller with an explicit understanding of each destination. From helpful tips on transportation and accommodation to the exchange of numerous entertaining stories to a complete itinerary-building, it does it all. Something like a truly the Saviour!!

Now that you've reached this point, let's consider some of the preconceived notions surrounding this type of travel.

Let's do some Myth-busting!!

Travelling in isolation

A human is a social animal but have you ever considered how isolation could lead you to positive introspection !! Once you've got the footloose, (implies to get out of your comfort zone) what's the worst that could happen, right !? The silence and the seclusion is dreadful but your experience would be so enticing that you'd never want to return to reality

Not Understanding Your Map

Well this could be a situation but ask away, mankind isn't dead and google maps are always the saviour. People did travel in the 'pre google maps era' with compasses and printed tourist maps; just saying.

Wearing Cotton Clothes

Genuinely, this depends on your choice of location of travel. However, a more preferable choice of material would be the Quick dry cloth (a jersey) which is synthetic and flexible for all kinds of weather and landscape. The best being, it is water-resistant.

Being inexperienced is going to cost

Inexperience does make a difference however have you realized to gain experience; one has to take the initial effort of hitting the roads, duh?!

Underpacking wouldn't matter

Backpack trips are an adventure. You know not what may happen when!! "Tyaari main koi bhi kami nahi honi chahiye, thike?!" I mean, you are well aware of those things that serve as a priority in your daily life, just carry it along with you; simple.

If I throw a first aid kit in my backpack, I'm all set for treating common medical issues

You are going to travel, that doesn't mean everything works in your favour. You might just discover some kind of allergies you shall face towards the climate or the cuisine or anything in general. If such a condition arises, visit a doctor in your territory and call your mom for some gharelu nuskha.

This is a popular place, I don't need much of a plan, I can just figure it out as I go

Stop being so overconfident, will you! What if something happens out of the syllabus? Research is necessary.

I can eat the same kinds of foods I eat at home

'Ma, ma hoti hai aur Ghar ka khana sirf ghar par banta hai'. However, if you crave home food you could dine away with any local in-house restaurant or cook your food.

That's all folks!! Now that I have busted all the misconceptions, take a backpacking trip soon, enjoy the process and fulfil your wanderlust.

Happy journey!!

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