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Explore the Unexplored Konkan Coast: Vengurla

Vengurla - A beautiful town located just north of Goa! Another peaceful and breathtaking coastal town that is well-known for its evergreen bounty of nature and sea. The beaches at

Vengurla are stretches of clear white sand accentuated by rugged cliffs and lush green hills. Some of the best beaches in Maharashtra are found here! Which we will discuss in this article. The town also has a deep-seated culture and rich heritage that boasts of religious temples such as Sateri Devi Temple, Shri Mauli Temple, Shri Ravalnath Temple and Shri Vithoba Temple. Along with fresh ocean catch and delectable seafood, Vengurla is also famous for its coconut, cashew, mango and kokum trees (and products made from them!).

How to reach from Mumbai?

Vengurla Beach is well connected from Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and Kolhapur via state transport buses that ply regularly in this route. By road, Vengurla is around 535 km from Mumbai. It's a 9-10 hrs drive from Mumbai via Bengaluru Mumbai Highway. One can also reach Vengurla Beach from Goa, which is approximately 110 km away. The best mode of transportation is bus or taxi.

The cheapest and convenient way to reach Vengurla is via railways. Kudal and Sawantwadi Road are two nearest railway station to Vengurla.

From Mumbai, take 10111, Konkan Kanya Express on Friday which leaves from

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) at 11:05 PM which will reach Kudal around 7:53 AM next day.

Just outside you can easily find rickshaw, but for a budget traveller walk upto the main road from where you can easily find State Transport Buses and frequency is too good. So let start the journey, with our first stopover.

Day 1: Explore The Unexplored Konkan Cost

Before we start, this place is an ocean of heaven and I hope it stays that way! Local people here are genuine and decent and care for cleanliness, the beach and the environment a lot. No shops and not a tourist place. Yes, will be able to find only homestays here

Nivati Beach - A walkover

Nivati Beach - placed in Parule village and it is a secluded cove with a beautiful stretch of white sand beach and a turquoise blue sea to complement it; is without a doubt the main attraction in Nivati. The Nivati fort plays an important part in this beautiful shoreline and makes a Nivati vacation an unforgettable experience.

Nivati fort by the seashore impress upon the visitor by its range of rocks situated at its bottom. The rippling perennial springs here content one’s mind. Fort also commands the fine view of Bhogwe beach. One can see dolphin drop near Nivati beach; which is amongst the most beautiful beaches in the entire Konkan region.

Nivati rock, about 10 nautical miles into the sea, is a group of three rocky islands and is a haven for explorers in you… not to forget Nivati backwaters…

Nivati is also blessed with a 5 kms long backwater bordering the paddy fields and a cruise in the narrow water lanes of Nivati backwaters displaying the panorama of simple village life is an experience in itself.

Kille Nivati is actually one of the areas (“Wadi” in local language) of Parule village and natural beauty gives this place a different edge. Kille Nivati, as its name suggests is a fort, constructed by great Maratha ruler Shivaji. From this fort, one can observe Bhogave’s alleviating beach. Currently, this place doesn’t enjoy frequent visits by tourists.

For Dolphin lovers, we have their natural habitat, come and enjoy various dolphin rises early in the morning. Though I have not tried. The place is a perfect nesting place for beach lovers, Walk on a virgin beach from the Nivati hamlet. Enjoy melody of waves throughout a day; lay lazily on the white sand

Though its spells like Nivati, the way local people call it something like “Niuti”

Burnt island

A bird watchers paradise Burnt island is one of the three main islands off the coast from Nivati. Burnt Island is a traditional roosting and nesting site of the Indian Swiftlet, the Edible nest swiftlet and many more species of avian.

Khavane Beach - Pristine Beach

Walking over the shore on Nivati Beach to reach the mountain end and the fun began. To reach the next beach we need to do an easy trek and endurance required would be normal.

Climbing and Walking through an amazing patch of land and passing by the small settlements and almost after an hour you will make to final destination Khavane Beach.

Khavane Beach is a beach that has 500 metres of sandy beach enclosed by mountains at both ends, a river flowing by the beach, crystal clear water and yet untouched by crowd…?

Free from any hustle and bustle, Khavne beach is the picture-perfect place is the newest catch on the Maharashtra coastline. The water is pristine blue, very safe. Khavane Beach has idyllic setting is further enhanced by land locking on two sides, and a temple on the hillock, just next to the beach.

The only sounds from the sea are the crashing against rocks that surround the small cove accompanied by its steady breathing as the tide comes in and out. Rediscover yourself with the sound of the rushing waves, the cool touch of the tropical breeze. Khavane Beach is an ideal place for sun, sand and sea lovers and ideal also for a book reader.

Walawal Backwater

A boat cruise on the serene Walawal Backwater is a must on Konkan Trip. Post your boat cruise try Goti Soda (Goti = Marble in Hindi), is a colloquial term for a carbonated lemon or orange-flavoured soft drink in a Codd-Neck Bottle.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan temple is the finest example of Hemandpanthi style of temple architecture. Surrounded by lush greenery with a beautiful reservoir nearby this temple dates back to early 14th century.

Constructed by Suryabhan & Chandrabhan Prabhu-desai brothers, this East-facing temple is very famous in Sindhudurg district.

This tri-level Laxmi Narayan temple is divided into entrance hall, central hall and palanquin shaped sanctum sanctorum. The entire construction is of teak wood. The central hall is spacious and has beautifully carved stone pillars and roof.

The main door is short in height and has a splendid carving of lotus flowers on it. The big bell in the temple was taken from Portuguese sailors and has French lettering on it. Laxminarayan Temple. The lake near Laxmi Narayan temple is a pretty sight. On a full moon night, one can see the stars shining in clear waters. On such evenings a rare spectacle of Sun setting in the west and at the same time Moon rising in the east can be seen. You can marvel at reflections of the Sun and the moon in the lake water and get the feeling of seeing two Suns and Moons in one instant. Also, you can make to stop enjoy some free natural pedicure by just dipping your foot in the lake.

Nivati Beach Camping

The important thing, after such amazing beaches hopping day you need places to rest and what will be better than setting up a tent at the beach. So Nivati Beach can an amazing camping places. Spend a night under the open sky, sound on the waves, campfire, mouth-watering local fish BBQ and wakeup with an amazingly clear sky.

Day 2: Let's start with day

Kondura Beach

Kondura beach is one of the smallest beaches encased in rocky shore triangle. It is worth visiting to hear sea roar. Kondura beach is one of the rare silvery sand beaches on the Konkan coast. The light breeze will make you feel good as it brushes against your cheeks. Swim in the crystal clear water. It is an ideal place for birdwatching. One of the must-do thing is a beach trek from Kondura to Vayangani Beach.

Dutch Factory

Dutch factory sees a lot of parasitic growth of plants and it is been covered by the trees nearby them. There lies no beauty in its appearance, today, but it has great enriching historical significance.

The history runs like this, the Dutch factory was built as a fort by the Dutch merchants that had control over this area during the 17th century, in 1639. The fort was initially a storehouse and administrative location for the plans of oppositions to the Portuguese and Britishers. Eventually, the Britishers had its control over the fort and they moved the governmental premises over the Dutch factory.

Sawantwadi Museum and Palaces

Sawantwadi Palace and Museum. This beautiful construction built between 1775 and 1803 was once the home of the Bhonsle and Sawantwadi rulers.

The museum is very famous in the region for its splendid collection of lacquerware goods. It houses other artefacts and relics of historical importance like the personal belongings of the royal families, paintings, etc.

This old palace was constructed by Khemsavant on the ground near the hills. The palace is currently the residence of the royal family of the present Queen mother H. H. Satwashiladevi. The Queen has taken the initiative to popularize the local art of Ganjifa. The palace is known for organizing workshops to the train the new generations about the art of woodwork, painting and later work. It is a major attraction for both locals and foreign tourists.  

Lunch @ Arekar's

Arekar's a place for typically Maharashtrian Thali for lunch in Sawantwadi. "Yum" is not the word!!!” Heaven for the fish eaters, fresh fish with reasonable price. If you are in Sawantwadi anytime, this is one place I would strongly recommend for lunch - simple and typically Maharashtrian.

Yashwantgad Fort/Redi Fort

Yashwantgad also know as Redi Fort is located in the quiet little fishing village of Redi formerly known as Reddipatnam or Revati. You need to pass not one or two, but a total of four gates to get into the fort. All of these gates are still intact and in fact as rigid as they might have been when built. Though most of the fort is damaged, there are still many constructions which are standing tall, untouched and enchanting the greatness of ancient Indian architectural skills as well singing the praises of the great Maratha dynasty. Good news is restoration work is in progress. Last but not the least, this fort offers the best spots to take some finest shots of the pragmatic “Redi Beach”. Fort lies near the Maharashtra-Goa border. Mapusa is 33 kms from Redi and easily be done as a day trip from Goa.

Redi Beach

Redi beach is your perfect option for the people who are looking for the beach less crowded around Goa. Yashwantgad / Redi Fort is the part of Redi Beach. Redi is located aptly on the shores of the majestic Arabian Sea. The clean, calm and peaceful beach of Redi can be your preferred choice for a mind and body relaxation lying under the palm tree.

Get photo shots of the local fishermen, the boats, the beach, the sand, and the palms, everything mildly touched by sunlight. Stroll with your loved one on the soft sand of the beach together with sea waves playing music as they lash out against the rocks and the sea eagles flying high, especially at the time of sunset and this can turn out to be the most romantic moment of your life. As the sun sets right in front of you it is time to savour the traditional spicy Malvani delights. Swimming, walking, paddling at the beach or just chilling out

Village Redi is famous for Lord Ganesh mandir. 6ft * 4ft. Ganesh statue is very popular amongst the devotees. Ganesh temple, Shri Mauli temple and Swaymbhoo Mahadev temple are other religious places to be seen around Redi.


For the return journey, from Kudal Railway Station you can board 12620 - Matsyaganda Express on Sunday which leaves from at 10:18 PM which will reach Lokmanyatilak Terminus (Kurla) around 6:30 AM next day.

Listen to Me:

  • As per local Nivati Fort is not worth visiting, so try to avoid it.

  • Some to best beaches to watch the sunset are here: Khavane Beach, Shiroda Beach & Redi Beach.

  • If you head to Vengurla, then please plan on ‘doing nothing’, and soaking up some peace!

  • Best Time to Visit Vengurla Beach: Winter is the best season to visit Vengurla Beach and enjoy the lush green beauty of the hills right from the warm beaches where the sun shines bright all around the day.

  • Homestay at Konkan offers the perfect opportunity to live and eat “Konkani style”. The comfortable rooms are built with local material, the verdant garden is dotted with bananas, pepper, and a host of other trees. You will get to taste a variety of mouth-watering dishes from the local cuisine including cashew curry, Amboli, and several vegetables that are unique to the Malvan region. During a leisurely stroll through the village, you will see a variety of birds and the typical vegetation in the area.

  • For a tranquil, refreshing seaside vacation, head to Vengurla–choose a beachside property or a unique homestay and create precious memories.

  • Post monsoon Vengurla and the beach, water bodies around it is a heaven for birdwatcher or birder.

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I hope you found the write up useful. Would love to hear your feedback at and do follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


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