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9 Gorgeous Beaches: If You Prefer Exclusivity

India has incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything from beauty to solace to action and invites people to get involved in a wide range of beach activities. However, not every beach is commercialized in India, few of them are simply untouched or unexplored. In case you are planning to treat yourself with a beach holiday, here’s the list of 9 gorgeous beaches, if you prefer exclusivity and this beach can be visited for a weekend trip or a day trip from Mumbai

1. Shirgaon Beach, Palghar

Shirgaon Beach is a little known beach in Palghar. It is an exquisite seashore with breathtaking sceneries. The beach is abundantly enriched with palm trees. The beach is the home of the fishermen community. Still unexplored and unspoiled, Shirgaon beach is a perfect weekend vacation destination. This is an ideal beach to relax on the seashore of the great Arabian Sea. In the recent past, the inflow of tourists has increased slightly. Another attraction of the beach is Shirgaon Fort which is on one side of the beach.

2. Nivati Beach, Vengurla

Nivati Beach - placed in Parule village and it is a secluded cove with a beautiful stretch of white sand beach and a turquoise blue sea to complement it; is without a doubt the main attraction in Nivati. Also Read: Explore the Unexplored Konkan Coast: Vengurla

3. Khavane Beach, Vengurla

Khavane Beach is a beach that has 500 metres of sandy beach enclosed by mountains at both ends, a river flowing by the beach, crystal clear water and yet untouched by crowd…? Free from any hustle and bustle, Khavne beach is the picture-perfect place is the newest catch on the Maharashtra coastline. The water is pristine blue, very safe. Khavane Beach has

idyllic setting is further enhanced by land locking on two sides, and a temple on the hillock, just next to the beach. The only sounds from the sea are the crashing against rocks that surround the small cove accompanied by its steady breathing as the tide comes in and out. Rediscover yourself with the sound of the rushing waves, the cool touch of the tropical breeze. Khavane Beach is an ideal place for sun, sand and sea lovers and ideal also for a book reader. Also Read: Explore the Unexplored Konkan Coast: Vengurla

4. Kondure Beach, Vengurla

Kondura beach is one of the smallest beaches encased in rocky shore triangle. It is worth visiting to hear sea roar. Kondura beach is one of the rare silvery sand beaches on the Konkan coast. The light breeze will make you feel good as it brushes against your cheeks.

Swim in the crystal clear water. It is an ideal place for birdwatching. One of the must-do things is a beach trek from Kondura to Vayangani Beach. Also Read: Explore the Unexplored Konkan Coast: Vengurla

5. Redi Beach, Vengurla

Redi beach is your perfect option for the people who are looking for the beach less crowded around Goa. Yashwantgad / Redi Fort is the part of Redi Beach. Redi is located aptly on the shores of the majestic Arabian Sea. The clean, calm and peaceful beach of Redi can be your preferred choice for a mind and body relaxation lying under the palm tree. Get photo shots

of the local fishermen, the boats, the beach, the sand, and the palms, everything mildly touched by sunlight. Stroll with your loved one on the soft sand of the beach together with sea waves playing music as they lash out against the rocks and the sea eagles flying high, especially at the time of sunset and this can turn out to be the most romantic moment of

your life. As the sun sets right in front of you it is time to savour the traditional spicy Malvani delights. Swimming, walking, paddling at the beach or just chilling out. Also Read: Explore the Unexplored Konkan Coast: Vengurla

6. Velas Beach, Ratnagiri

Velas Beach is famous for the Olive Ridley Turtle, which is an endangered species of sea turtles. Velas is a small village about 5 kms from Harihareshwar across the Bagmandala creek. where the Velas Turtle Festival is organized annually. The Velas Turtle Festival dates are not fixed as it depends on the eggs laid by Female Turtles. Mostly, it is in the month of March. Velas Beach Turtle Festival is organized by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNMC). Also Read: Velas Turtle Festival - Olive Ridley Conservation.

7. Kumta Beach, Uttara Kannada

Dangerous shore so keeps a distance. This beach 3km from Murudshwera Gokarna Highway it's is one of the beautiful virgin beach, peaceful beach not crowded. This is must-visit for people who want a place for some solitude. A small hillock next to the beach gives a perfect space for photography. Lighthouse beach adjacent.

8. Mandvi Beach, Bhuj

Once a famous port and now one of the must-visit tourist places in Bhuj. Mandvi Beach is one such place where one can expect sea, sand and sun. Mandvi is an old port town that has beaches, horse and camel rides along the shore. In addition to being a laid-back beach destination, Mandvi Beach is also popular for its camping and water sports facilities.

It is one of the secluded and undiscovered beach destination with clean water and beautiful views which makes it one of the most romantic places in Gujarat for couples. Mandvi was established as a port town in 1574 by Khengarji, the king of Kutch. Mandvi port was an important trading centre until Mumbai came into the picture. Also Read: Bhuj - A Historical Trip

9. Shore Beach, Mahabalipuram

Located beside the Shore temple in Mahabalipuram. One has to walk through a long pathway of small shops located on right side of Shore temple to reach the beach. Big rocks at certain sections of the beach, makes a great view when waves crashed against those rocks. We also saw many fishing boats and small vendors selling items made of shell.


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