• Ajaz Shaikh

Kundalika Valley - A Mystic Mountain

Kundalika valley hold some of the amazing weekend gateways place around Mumbai & Pune Places like Andharban Trek (The Dark Forest), Devkund WaterFall, Kolad Water Rafting, Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Point, Tamhini Ghat and it's a strange place with two huge mountain walls separated by a narrow valley. The valley is all hidden behind clouds. Clouds plays hide n seeks all the time.

The moment you take the turn towards the valley, the climate changed. Small lanes of road surrounded by dense forest on both side and trees making it darker, surrounded by clouds, making it more pleasant ride. Also crawling of unusual bird all around and the chirps of the birds are amazing.

Places to visit near Kundalika Valley

- Devkund Plunge Waterfall

- Kolad / Kundalika Water Rafting

- Andharban Jungle Trails

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