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Tandoori Chai: A Tea With Smoky Flavored

Chai lovers, here's something for you! If you are someone who has a special liking for chai and can have it in almost any form, then tandoori chai is here to please your taste buds. Get over the regular tandoori paneer, tandoori roti and tandoori kebabs, as tandoori chai has made its way to the foodie sphere. This amazing variety of tea got the buzz after a tea shop based in Pune, called 'Chai La,' started serving this unique concoction. What makes this tea different from the others is its quirky preparation style; wherein, empty kulhad or clay pot is pre-heated in tandoor and then half cooked tea is poured in it. It eventually gets fully brewed.

Shree Tandoor Chai - Mulund Thane Checknaka, Satyam House, Nr Hotel Shilpa Residency, LBS Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

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